Kemah Boardwalk is a 35 acre area where there are many restaurants overlooking Galveston Bay.

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Kemah Boardwalk
215 Kipp Ave
Kemah, TX 77565


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Kemah Boardwalk

The Kemah Boardwalk is an area in Kemah Texas that is on Galveston Bay and offers things such as restaurants, amusement rides, sailing rides, fancy hotels, etc. Kemah Boardwalk can be considered an amusement park of sorts.
The vast majority of people are from Houston and they come to visit and enjoy the boardwalk and sites from Galveston Bay. There is always live music and bands playing at Kemah.
There are many hotels in the area and we offer a hotel information and review page for the boardwalk area. This serves as an informational source due to numerous horror stories we have heard from people who stayed in substandard or overpriced hotels in the area.

Famous and large name restaurants in the area include: Landry's Seafood House, Joe's Crab Shack, The Cadillac Bar, Saltgrass Steakhouse, The Crab House,The Aquarium, The Flying Dutchman and Babin's Seafood House. As you can see many of the restaurants offer seafood which is for the most part one of the main themes of the Kemah Boardwalk being on the water of the Galveston Bay.

Some common misspellings for Kemah Boardwalk is: Keema, Keemah, Kema Board Walk, Kemahboardwalk.